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“Saepio is where the biggest nerds in your company go when they need help.”


Principal Engineer

"Saepio is not your normal cybersecurity vendor, they are a true ally and partner. They are able to shine that flashlight into areas that you never even knew existed and partner with you to prioritize and remediate. Their visualizations and reporting are thorough and provide details that resonate from the board level, to analysts and even engineers can understand in totality."


Security Architect

Saepio is not just another “yes-man” security service that gives a canned industry prescription. Saepio challenged us while also providing real help. Personally, I have learned a great deal and the service directly benefits the security team and the security posture of the company.”


Cyber Security Architect

“Saepio uncovers what others cannot. Using a realistic approach to visualize the attack surface through the eyes of an adversary allows organizations to efficiently prioritize their defensive posture.”


Security Leader

“I really like the Saepio solution for domain management. Saepio is simple to engage and robust in coverage.  It automatically solves problems you didn’t know you were exposed to allowing you to focus on your core business.”


Cyber Security Consultant

“Saepio has been a game changer for so many of my clients. They have brought an incredible level of visibility to my client's external footprint as well as been invaluable in helping them secure their domains and their organization's reputation risk picture. If you have not looked in to what they do, you are missing out."



“Saepio showed more in 10 minutes than what we got out of a $60,000 pentest.”



“At a glance Saepio can see the things that would otherwise take me days of effort to figure out. It's a tool that has no comparison for recognizance. Saepio provides rapid transparency in size and scope of cybersecurity risk for an organization in a lovely 3D graph.”


Cyber Security Specialist

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