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Saepio is your cybersecurity partner. We greatly reduce your attack surface through unparalleled visibility into your digital infrastructure. Saepio believes best way to defend against a cyber attack is to not have one. We are with you every step of the way in your business risk reduction journey. Saepio CSI™ is a methodical approach leveraging your tools and people combined with the visibility, routines, advice, and guidance Saepio provides through a cost effective subscription tailored to your needs.

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Saepio Subscription Services

With our highly automated approach to security, Saepio offers affordable subscription plans that are custom tailored to your digital infrastructure.

CSI™ Internet You cannot protect what you cannot see. The reality is that most cyber criminals have a better understanding of what you are exposing to the internet than you do. Saepio will provide you unparalleled visibility into your exposure. Through this visibility we work with you to reduce your attack surface; improve your email, cloud, and SaaS security; harden, patch and upgrade your vulnerabilities; and continuously monitor and inform you of security or compliance concerns. With CSI™ Internet, your digital infrastructure attack surface will be all but invisible to your adversaries.

CSI™ Cloud Saepio CSI™ Cloud is for customers that have an AWS, Azure or GCP cloud environment that needs to be consistently secure. With modern hyper-scale cloud providers, security takes on new challenges leveraging architecture, native cloud security tools, and consistent best practices to assure a safe and secure environment. Saepio provides full visibility into your cloud environment to identify security and compliance concerns, architecture and infrastructure misconfigurations, orphaned workloads and other services that may create a security threat and cost you unnecessary expense. Saepio will work with your DevOps and security teams to consistently implement cloud security that will deter cyber criminals.

CSI™ Premise Protecting your data center and edge is paramount to effective security. As with all of Saepio subscriptions we start with visibility. Saepio identifies what you have, where you have it and the tools you have invested in to protect your information. With this visibility Saepio will work with your teams to align your tools and resources to protect your infrastructure and information. With CSI™ premise we focus on an effective security architecture assuring you get effective use of your security toolsets and assist with security practice and routines to keep your premise and endpoints safe from data loss, ransomware, and cyber crime.

CSI™ Identity In the new technology landscape where Identity is the new perimeter, Saepio CSI™ Identity analyzes identities, roles, and permissions to ensure that they are being managed properly and are not creating unintended risk to your business.

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We just spent $60,000 on a penetration test and you showed me more in 15 minutes.
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In ten minutes, Saepio showed me what I have been trying to collect for the last six months.
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Thanks to Saepio, we resolved over 400 security issues in less than 20 days!
Infrastructure Manager
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