CSI™ Internet

You cannot protect what you cannot see. The reality is that most cyber criminals have a better understanding of what you are exposing to the internet than you do. Saepio will provide you unparalleled visibility into your exposure.

We utilize this visibility to work with your technical teams to:

  • Reduce your attack surface
  • Improve your email, cloud, and SaaS security
  • Harden, patch and upgrade your vulnerabilities
  • Continuously monitor and inform you of security or compliance concerns

With CSI™ Internet, your digital infrastructure attack surface will be all but invisible to your adversaries.

Unparalleled Visibility

Saepio CSI Internet starts by passively collecting information about your organization much like an attacker would using methods and data sources that do not “touch” your environment. This allows us to gain insight into how IT delivers technology to the business. From that insight, we generate visualizations to help you understand your security posture from multiple viewpoints.

For example, the red dots in this visualization represent all of the potential vulnerabilities for an environment that are trivial for an attacker to discover passively:

Passive Vulnerability Detection

Shifting our viewpoint to one of compliance, the red dots in this visualization are potential PCI audit findings (vulnerabilities and misconfigurations) for that same environment.

Compliance Detection

Saepio provides customers with an understanding of their Internet exposure in a single interactive interface that allows them to zoom in on areas of interest and to click on objects to gather more detailed information as needed. This helps executives understand the depth and breadth of their security challenges at a glance. This also helps customers understand how their security posture is improving as this image gets smaller over time as we work together on a prioritized list of remediation activities.


We determine if you’re vulnerable to the following common attack methods:

  • Domain Hijacking
  • DNS Hijacking
  • Email Phishing, Ransomware, and Business Email Compromise
  • Domain Reputation
  • Discoverable Systems and Services
  • Legacy Systems
  • Non-production Systems (dev, test, QA)
  • Service Misconfigurations
  • SSL Misconfiguration
  • Web Session Code Injection
  • Cookie Hijacking

We detect deployments in the following Cloud, WAF, and Hosting providers:

Automated Oversight

We run automated routines to notify you when your security posture changes:

  • DNS Monitoring
  • Lookalike Domain Monitoring
  • Security Posture Monitoring

Risk and Security Insight

In addition to the 3D model of your Internet posture, we also include the Detailed Risk Analysis Report (The main report used by Saepio’s Advisory Team).