CSI™ Cloud

Saepio CSI™ Cloud is for customers that have an AWS, Azure or GCP cloud environment that needs to be consistently secure. With modern hyper-scale cloud providers, security takes on new challenges leveraging architecture, native cloud security tools, and consistent best practices to assure a safe and secure environment. Saepio provides full visibility into your cloud environment to identify security and compliance concerns, architecture and infrastructure misconfigurations, orphaned workloads and other services that may create a security threat and cost you unnecessary expense. Saepio will work with your DevOps and security teams to consistently implement cloud security that will deter cyber criminals.

Unparalleled Visibility

Saepio provides customers with an understanding of their cloud environments in a single interactive interface that allows them to zoom in on areas of interest and to click on objects to gather more detailed information as needed. This interface provides intuitive understanding of the architecture and interconnected instances within customer accounts.


The Cloud gives us a unique opportunity to continuously monitor for compliance against best-practices. Saepio has deep understanding of security best-practices and can continuously monitor changes in your cloud environment to notify you if an insecure configuration or deployment is detected.

Automated Oversight

Constant vigilance is the key to success in the cloud. Saepio constantly watches your cloud infrastructure to ensure that you are aware of critical changes and how they impact your security posture. Was a new instance deployed and connected directly to the Internet? That’s just one of the many questions that Saepio answers for you. Before you are even aware of the change, we are analyzing how it impacts your business risk and providing timely notification so your team can act to prevent a breach.

Risk and Security Insight

In addition to the real-time change detection and analysis of your cloud environments, Saepio provides a monthly review of the accumulated risks across your cloud footprint to ensure that your business understands the cumulative impact of their accepted risk. Many organizations don’t really understand the level of risk they face until they view it all at once.