About Saepio

Saepio’s team spent time in prior roles at Cisco, McAfee and Palo Alto Networks where we bonded as friends. We believe people can actually love their jobs, work hard, AND also enjoy having a life. Culture is important to us and we bring that to our clients.

Greg Hatch - CEO and Co-Founder

Greg has enjoyed a successful career of over 30 years in information technology having held senior roles with companies including Lucent, Cisco, Intel and Palo Alto Networks where he led business transformational changes.

Over the last 10 years Greg has run programs to help customers deliver business outcomes through the technology shift to the internet and cloud. Greg recognized that every company must understand and deal with the risk and security in running a complex digital infrastructure, yet no one was really dealing with the gaps in cyber security and risk for a distributed hybrid environment. As customers built out their digital infrastructure they continued to see significant security breaches which were absolutely preventable.

Greg and Dan founded Saepio to address risk and security issues for mid-sized companies. As CEO of Saepio, Greg’s vision is to provide customers unparalleled cyber security providing them with peace of mind. Greg and Dan have developed an industry-first approach to digital security with Continuous Security Improvement™ where a customer's security continuously evolves and improves staying one step ahead of the cyber criminal adversary.

Saepio provides our customers the confidence to run and operate their business in a secure and compliant manner while mitigating the risks.

Dan Ward - CTO and Co-Founder

Dan is passionate about security - not just the tools, processes, and capabilities, but also how those things are interwoven to create effective security programs. He honed his skills over decades as a security practitioner and leader. Taking his background in network, system, database, and cloud administration into the world of security provides Dan with deep understanding into how these systems can be manipulated if not configured, managed, and maintained properly. That understanding and passion is what drives the development of Saepio's proprietary tools and our team of expert advisors.

Having worked for companies such as PGP Security and Palo Alto Networks, Dan got to see how vendors promised solutions, but ultimately delivered only products. Customers were left to implement and manage those products to the best of their ability, but often lack the skills, access to talented people, and time free of distraction required to utilize the products fully. This insight drove Saepio's focus on delivering a service - not only providing our proprietary toolsets, but also the people who know how to use them to improve a customer's security program.

Dan volunteers time to give back to the community of Information Security participating on the staff of BlackHat (NOC), DEFCON (InfoBooth and Contests & Events), BSides Las Vegas (Speaker, Volunteer), and BSides Denver (Former Director).

Cordell Caldwell - CRO

Cordell has spent over 25 years in the IT manufacturing community in sales and management roles with Compaq, Cisco, Dell, Netapp and Palo Alto Networks. Cordell is a sales professional known for high growth company acceleration by leveraging his virtual teams including the sales, vendor and partner community to drive go to market strategies that increase pipeline resulting in territory growth. Cordell’s global network of partners provide Saepio a path to all markets and customers.